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To become a beta tester of Chaotic360 Remastered V3.0.0 Message ZZ9 x iHaXoRZz or ZZ9 x iCalZz

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    • ZZ9 x iHaXoRZz

      Chaotic360 Beta Version is now available   12/16/17

      If you are interested in becoming one of our beta testers  you will need the following. Access to Xbox live Have Xbox Live Gold  Have all of the Call Of Duties Ban Bypasses  If you have all of what's needed, then you are one step closer to becoming a Beta Tester, Once you are a Beta Tester you job will be testing all of the options of Chaotic360 old and new, and reporting back anything you believe that could be fixed or improved, this includes slow performance, fatal crashes, console freezing, spelling mistakes etc.  

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  2. Issue causing it to crash

    thanks for the invite but i got it taken care of with ZZ9 and Callum and managed to figure it out on my own
  3. I Want To Buy Chaotic360 Lifetime

    Hello, if you're interested in purchasing Chaotic360, go ahead and send me a direct message here on the site. If you're a user on TheTechGame.com please head here: https://www.thetechgame.com/Forums/t=7687791/chaotic360-remastered-jtag-modding-tool-trusted-seller.html you can find the list of all sellers here. If you'd like to use discord to talk and purchase Chaotic360, please join our discord here: https://discord.gg/CzYbgqc it would be my pleasure to sell you Chaotic360 and help you set everything up to get online with our tool!
  4. Issue causing it to crash

    Thank you for your response, please join our Discord server so we can keep in contact and get this problem resolved! https://discord.gg/CzYbgqc
  5. Can someone assist me on buying this tool lifetime
  6. Issue causing it to crash

    1. It actually just started happening within the last couple of days its always worked for me before. 2. My console is set to my deafault in SDK 3. Im running on windows 10 I have never had any issues with this program before until a couple days ago. Ive sent a bunch of info to ZZ9 on TTG and hoping to hear back soon but if you might be able to help me to i would appriciate it!
  7. Issue causing it to crash

    Thank you for taking the time to let us know you're experiencing some issues, please can you provide me with just a little more information to work with. 1) How long have you been receiving this issue. 2) Please make sure you've got a console set as default inside SDK ( Xbox 360 Neighborhood ) 3) What Operation system are you running!
  8. Issue causing it to crash

    I dont know if anyone else if having this issue but for some reason when ever I sign in the box disappears and about a minuete later it crashes. Is anyone elses having this issue? I tried redownloading the update and unzipping it again but that did not work. When i click the debug and then close the settings its saying something about saving changes to Chaotic360.sln* can anyone help me?
  9. introduction Im Zirus

    my name looks so lonely without badges kill mee
  10. introduction Im Zirus

    It was an accident and you know it, don't go there again babe, we've been there already we've been through this you can't keep blaming me for your mistakes!
  11. introduction Im Zirus

    Sorry son, @Chat Almost banned yesterday and of course daddy saved you, don't ever trust your mother again, she a dangerous person.
  12. introduction Im Zirus

    we love you too son <3
  13. Windows 8 Troubleshooting Guide: Please before you make a purchase of Chaotic360 if you're on Windows 8, make sure you have completed any updates that may be on your computer, if you do not have this you will not be able to use the Microsoft .net that is required to run Chaotic360, as I cannot pin-point exactly what update you need in order to use Microsoft framework, you must complete all remaining updates on your system, before continuing. Direct Download to framework that is required! https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/confirmation.aspx?id=49981 This is the framework that is required for Chaotic360, you're unable to go any higher nor can you go lower, so please use this and only this version. Windows 8 Update, Manual installer if you cannot update on computer. https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB3186505 Using the manual installer above, is strictly only if you're unable to download Window Updates from your system updater, sometimes people receive an error and need to download it manually, this is also an alternative update if your system updates to not fix the issue of allowing you to install framework.
  14. Windows 7 Troubleshooting Guide: Please before you make a purchase of Chaotic360 if you're on Windows 7, make sure you have Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Installed, if you do not have this you will not be able to use the Microsoft .net that is required to run Chaotic360. Direct Download to .net for Windows 7 SP 1. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=53344 If you're receiving a message that says your system isn't compatible with this version, please follow below. Windows 7 SP 1, Manual installer if you cannot update on computer. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5842 Using the manual installer above, is strictly only if you're unable to download Windows 7 SP 1 from your system updater, sometimes people receive an error and need to download it manually. Other Information, if you're not sure which to select from the link above. For 32-Bit Windows 7 download: windows6.1-KB976932-X86.exe 537.8MB For 64-Bit Windows 7 download: windows6.1-KB976932-X64.exe 903.2MB
  15. Chaotic360 Suggestion Rules: Below will state all rules for the Chaotic360 Suggestion Section! Please be aware that this section is for the Chaotic360 Software ONLY not anything else! Also! You must be aware that ALL site rules still apply to this section as well! Index of Rules: General Tool Suggestions Call of Duty Suggestions Tool interface Suggestions Additional Notes General Tool Suggestions: Below will list all the rules of posting threads regarding the suggestions for the overall software it's self NOT regarding certain games in the software! Before posting a suggestion thread regarding what you'd like to see in the tool be sure that you've looked through the entire tool to make sure that the feature that you want isn't already in the tool! When you suggest a feature that you'd like to see in the software be sure that it's a actually reasonable suggestion NOT some miraculous thought. NO Double Posts/Re-Posts! Call of Duty Suggestions: Below will list all of the rules that are regarding the Call of Duty Suggestions for that certain part of the software! When you suggest a feature that you'd like to see in the Call of Duty Section of the software be sure that it's actually possible to happen in-game. When posting a suggestion thread regarding a feature that you'd like to see in the Call of Duty Section of the software be sure that you list what game you'd like to see it on! Before posting a thread be sure to look carefully through the games tools to be sure that you don't see the feature that you'd like to see pertaining that Call of Duty. Be sure to Browse/Search for some suggestions that you had in mind just so you know that no one has already made a suggestion before hand. If you'll be suggesting features for different Call of Duty Titles please be sure to list the game title then the feature you'd like to see like this: Tool Interface Suggestions Below will list all of the rules that will pertain to suggestions regarding the look of the interface! All suggestions that are being post MUST be appropriate & mature! When suggesting a idea about the interface of the software that does NOT mean to create threads stating "This is what I want the tool to look like" with random pictures that you like. If you suggest a idea of how the logo of the software should look along with colors like the current one: Be sure to explain exactly what you did to create the logo. Additional Notes: Below will be all the additional notes that will apply to this thread NOT regarding any of the rules that are above! As stated above at the TOP of the thread, ALL site rules still apply here in this section of the forums so please do NOT attempt to break any other rules as well! When a new rule is posted here I'll be sure to put *NEW* next to it so everyone's aware of what was recently added! The staff of Chaotic360 will be always watching this thread for any new suggestions that you all have to offer! But, Remember that NOT all Tool Interface Suggestions will be taken into consideration due to the fact that the Stability of the tool & making sure that everything is working is more important than simple designs!
  16. Got suggestions for Chaotic360? Post them here!

    This feature as been added bud, and will be in the next update.
  17. David and chat are my parents and i love them dearly. Im the laziest person alive
  18. introduction Introducing Myself

    Hello Pug, It's good to see you've signed up on here! Hopefully you become an active member of the community when we get things moving along!
  19. introduction Introducing Myself

    Hey Rolled, Glad to see you joined.
  20. Hello my name is Rolled! I just decided to make a introduction even thought I joined quite a bit ago. Loving the site so far, Keep up the good work. A little bit about me is: I like to play sports/Basketball and Football. I also enjoy gaming and creating art. I took art for about 4 years and loved it. Well that's some of me, I'm happy to be with you guys!!
  21. Got suggestions for Chaotic360? Post them here!

    I'd love to see unlimited class slots, So that you don't have to worry about the limited amount of slots you can use.
  22. Chaotic360 Bugs Forum Rules

    Chaotic360 Bugs Forum Rules: Here is the official Rules for the Chaotic360 Bugs forum! Please remember that all other site rules still apply to this forum as well! Also please read the Rules carefully & attentively, You must also remember that if any rules are broken you will receive the right Infraction/Consequence that you deserve & you must understand that there's no one else to blame anyone else other than yourself! With that being said below will list all of the Chaotic360 Bugs forum Rules! Chaotic360 Bugs Rules: Index of Rules: Misuse of software Unrelated/Unwanted Content to Forums Additional Notes Misuse of Software: Below will state the misuse(s) of the software. If you're impatient & continuously pressing buttons to cause the software to stop working or start working improperly that's NOT a Bug/Issue, that would be misuse of the software caused by you. Changing your MAC ID at the login screen will basically disable your use to the software, You'd have to contact one of the Staff members regarding this issue for it to be fixed & for your software to start working again, This is NOT a bug. Pay attention to what you're doing, If you are on Call of Duty Black Ops 2 attempting to complete a "Quick Recovery" & you're in such a rush that you selected a different game & didn't notice & the software stops working, that is NOT a Bug/Issue! Unrelated/Unwanted Content To Forums: Below will state all of the Unrelated/Unwanted content that's NOT aloud in these forums. This section's strictly for any & all Issues/Bugs that you've experienced while using the Chaotic360 software ONLY! Any & all threads regarding anything else that have nothing to do with Chaotic360 Bugs will be removed or moved to the right section in the forums & you will receive either a warning or Infraction! Double Posts/Threads are NOT aloud here, If we do come across it we will take action regarding the issue! Browse/Search before you post! There are going to be MANY different threads in this section!(Some regarding the same issue just stated differently) Be sure to actually search the section first to see if anyone has experienced any Bug/Issue(s) that you have & see if they have got it resolved! This section is for in tool Bugs/Issue(s) NOT Chaotic360's Website Bugs/Issue(s). Everything that happens onsite is for mainly staff unless you're going to either have your username changed or to re-download Chaotic360 or download the most recently updated version of the software! Additional Notes: Below will state all Additional Notes to this thread to keep you updated incase new rules got added to the thread. As stated above at the TOP of the thread, ALL site rules still apply here in this section of the forums so please do NOT attempt to break any other rules as well! When a new rule is posted here I'll be sure to put *NEW* next to it so everyone's aware of what was recently added! The staff of Chaotic360 will be always watching this thread for any new Bugs/Issue(s) that anyone experiences! So if your thread gets taken down you'll be sure to receive a notice via AspectModding's PM Systems regarding the status of your thread!
  23. Community Rules and Disclaimers: Below are the community Rules & Disclaimers one MUST keep in mind during their use and stay on site. But before that, we at Aspect Modding would like to thank you for joining our community. We hope you enjoy your stay and become apart of the community as we grow together. Index: General Site Rules Copy Right Disclaimer Community Rules Modding Rules Posting in the Forums Copy Right Disclaimer: In regards to any future material that may be of a nature in which the copy right is owned by a separate entity other than Aspect Modding, refer to the disclaimer below: Community Rules: Each user of Aspectmodding.net is obligated to follow all community rules, this includes NOT only the rules spanning across the website but the rules regarding posting in each section of the website’s forums. Violating these rules will result in an Appropriate Punishment/Infraction depending upon the severity in which they have been broken. Index of Rules: General Site Rules Additional Notes VIP Section General Site Rules: Here will be the site's rules that apply anywhere throughout the site. Don't shout, while in the chat box or messaging or anything that requires you to type. Do not use all caps, that is the equivalent of shouting and also considered spam. Protect your personal information, Do NOT mention anything that's going to release your personal information to the public, We want everyone's information being protected unless shown through your privacy settings. Obey Copy right and Trade mark laws, as said before in the copy right disclaimer, we are not responsible if you fail to do so. Help others, here on Aspect Modding, we wish to create a sense of community in our little piece of the internet. In order to do so we need to help one another with whatever problems that may pop up. No Sketchy Outside links, do not post links outside of Aspect Modding that are considered 'sketchy' before having virus checks and staff approval upon this link. We at Aspect Modding wish to for our community to have a good time on here and posting links to sights that could lead to malware or worse is not acceptable. No NSFW/18+ Content, Absolutely no content that is considered not safe for work or 18+, think of the children. No Spam, of any kind, repeating the same question in the chat box or in a form does not make it more likely to be answered. Posting up the same picture of Harambe does not make you funny. All it does is get you banned. House Rules, the 'house' or site staff, are allowed to make judgement of their own discretion. No NSFW/18+ Content, it was stated once but it will be stated again, absolutely no 18 + content. No Reposts, Meaning, no reposts of someone else's content in a topic played off as being your own. For example, if you are reposting art do not just say 'credits to the artist' find out who they are and post a link to their profile. Follow all form section rules, each section in the form may have different rules that are individually taylored for the purposes of that section. Keep those in mind whilst operating on them. Modding Rules: Respect Modding Authors, do not harass modding authors on their threads, making suggestions is fine. But spamming or harassing the authors is not allowed. No NSFW/18+ Content, at this point do I even have to say it. When using external host, use a reputable one do not use anything that might lead to sites with malware. Use clear and descriptive names, leaving the name vague does not allow potential users know what your mod is about. Additional Notes: ****Please note that these rules will be added onto and/or modified if need be****
  24. Most legit, real, and respectful guy I've ever dealt with. His lobbies are always great, you always get more than expected, and he treats you like more than just a customer.
  25. modding aRay menu help

    Do you have a Skype or kik?
  26. modding aRay menu help

    I am usually pretty active, so you may contact me here or on TheTechGame and I will get you set up with the tool. On that note, we will be finishing up the system soon that will allow buyers to purchase tool access without having to contact a seller.
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