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  1. Community Rules and Disclaimers: Below are the community Rules & Disclaimers one MUST keep in mind during their use and stay on site. But before that, we at Aspect Modding would like to thank you for joining our community. We hope you enjoy your stay and become apart of the community as we grow together. Index: General Site Rules Copy Right Disclaimer Community Rules Modding Rules Posting in the Forums Copy Right Disclaimer: In regards to any future material that may be of a nature in which the copy right is owned by a separate entity other than Aspect Modding, refer to the disclaimer below: Community Rules: Each user of Aspectmodding.net is obligated to follow all community rules, this includes NOT only the rules spanning across the website but the rules regarding posting in each section of the website’s forums. Violating these rules will result in an Appropriate Punishment/Infraction depending upon the severity in which they have been broken. Index of Rules: General Site Rules Additional Notes VIP Section General Site Rules: Here will be the site's rules that apply anywhere throughout the site. Don't shout, while in the chat box or messaging or anything that requires you to type. Do not use all caps, that is the equivalent of shouting and also considered spam. Protect your personal information, Do NOT mention anything that's going to release your personal information to the public, We want everyone's information being protected unless shown through your privacy settings. Obey Copy right and Trade mark laws, as said before in the copy right disclaimer, we are not responsible if you fail to do so. Help others, here on Aspect Modding, we wish to create a sense of community in our little piece of the internet. In order to do so we need to help one another with whatever problems that may pop up. No Sketchy Outside links, do not post links outside of Aspect Modding that are considered 'sketchy' before having virus checks and staff approval upon this link. We at Aspect Modding wish to for our community to have a good time on here and posting links to sights that could lead to malware or worse is not acceptable. No NSFW/18+ Content, Absolutely no content that is considered not safe for work or 18+, think of the children. No Spam, of any kind, repeating the same question in the chat box or in a form does not make it more likely to be answered. Posting up the same picture of Harambe does not make you funny. All it does is get you banned. House Rules, the 'house' or site staff, are allowed to make judgement of their own discretion. No NSFW/18+ Content, it was stated once but it will be stated again, absolutely no 18 + content. No Reposts, Meaning, no reposts of someone else's content in a topic played off as being your own. For example, if you are reposting art do not just say 'credits to the artist' find out who they are and post a link to their profile. Follow all form section rules, each section in the form may have different rules that are individually taylored for the purposes of that section. Keep those in mind whilst operating on them. Modding Rules: Respect Modding Authors, do not harass modding authors on their threads, making suggestions is fine. But spamming or harassing the authors is not allowed. No NSFW/18+ Content, at this point do I even have to say it. When using external host, use a reputable one do not use anything that might lead to sites with malware. Use clear and descriptive names, leaving the name vague does not allow potential users know what your mod is about. Additional Notes: ****Please note that these rules will be added onto and/or modified if need be****

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