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AspectModding is currently under maintenance if you discover any bugs and/or errors report them to a member of staff  right away!

To become a beta tester of Chaotic360 Remastered V3.0.0 Message ZZ9 x iHaXoRZz or ZZ9 x iCalZz

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    • ZZ9 x iHaXoRZz

      Chaotic360 Beta Version is now available   12/16/17

      If you are interested in becoming one of our beta testers  you will need the following. Access to Xbox live Have Xbox Live Gold  Have all of the Call Of Duties Ban Bypasses  If you have all of what's needed, then you are one step closer to becoming a Beta Tester, Once you are a Beta Tester you job will be testing all of the options of Chaotic360 old and new, and reporting back anything you believe that could be fixed or improved, this includes slow performance, fatal crashes, console freezing, spelling mistakes etc.  
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ZZ9 x iCapComZz

rules Grand Theft Auto > Sectional Rules

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Grand Theft Auto: Sectional Rules

  • Selling is allowed, but you must provide which payment method you accept, but DO NOT post email addresses for the payment to be sent to. Strictly any sales talk should be regarded in PMs within the site.
  • KV sales in this section are prohibited.
  • Valid proof of you being able to host modded lobbies must be provided. This strictly means your AM username is in the picture or video a long with the proof.
  • You may only post/bump your topic every 24 hours.
  • You may NOT lead people off site to do a sale, all sales must be created within the site PM system.
  • You may NOT post *Trusted, or Verified* unless you hold that badge.
  • You may NOT ask for mods in this section.
  • Forcing people to vouch or post "legit" and(or) subscribe/like content is not allowed.
  • Linking off site to bypass sectional rules is not allowed.
  • Sharing a sales topic with another member is not allowed, however if it's considered "FREE" which means no payment required then it's allowed.
  • Requesting any type of services is NOT allowed. 



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