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AspectModding is currently under maintenance if you discover any bugs and/or errors report them to a member of staff  right away!

To become a beta tester of Chaotic360 Remastered V3.0.0 Message ZZ9 x iHaXoRZz or ZZ9 x iCalZz

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    • ZZ9 x iHaXoRZz

      Chaotic360 Beta Version is now available   12/16/17

      If you are interested in becoming one of our beta testers  you will need the following. Access to Xbox live Have Xbox Live Gold  Have all of the Call Of Duties Ban Bypasses  If you have all of what's needed, then you are one step closer to becoming a Beta Tester, Once you are a Beta Tester you job will be testing all of the options of Chaotic360 old and new, and reporting back anything you believe that could be fixed or improved, this includes slow performance, fatal crashes, console freezing, spelling mistakes etc.  
ZZ9 x iHoMeBReW

modding HomeBrew's Call of Duty Service[POPULAR] [100% TRUSTED] [FAST SERVICE!]

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HomeBrews Call of Duty Service


Why you should choose my service

You should purchase any service from me because I am professional at my work & I make sure that everything goes accordingly. If something goes wrong after the service is complete I will be sure to fix it in anyway I can! I use the best stealth service to get my work done without any worries for myself & my customers. I take great care of each customer by treating everyone fairly & with the respect that you all deserve. I do not disrespect anyone no matter what the circumstances may be. I give out the best customer service anyone can receive & provide. I am a Trusted Seller, I've done over a hundred paid services before & I know exactly what I'm doing.



AIM - [email protected]

Any & all sales MUST be through AM's PM system or AIM ONLY! I do have Twitter, Instagram, Discord & Skype but I will NOT be using them as a contact method! Any & all other methods of contact will be scammers unless I, myself give you my other contact information via AM PM Systems!


Payment Options

Amazon eGift Card
Google Wallet




Account Redo's & Other Services

Account Redo - $3 
MW2 Frozen Classes Fix - $3
MW2 Infections - $2
Deranking Service(Any CoD) - $1


Pre-Modded Accounts - $40 (On Sale For $20 NOW!)

Pre-Modded accounts comes with all CoD & GTA Recovery service professionally done & it also come with a free GamerTag change & they also come with a Free 48 Hour trial as well! Once that trial is up you'll have to purchase your own gold membership! Once a Pre-Modded account is purchased I will NOT allow refunds, I am not to be held responsible 
for what is done with the account after being purchased! If something is wrong with the account such as any bans, you
MUST show proof you will receive a new account! 

Black Ops 1

Recovery Service - $5
Recovery Service includes: 
Desired Prestige, Max Rank, Unlock All, Legit, Moderate or Insane Stats,
Desired amount of CoD Points, Colored Classes & Godmode/Invisible Classes.


Black Ops 2

ALL account modifications done on Bo2 will be
eligible to be carried over to Xbox One!

Fun Lobbies - 
Co-Host - $6 Per Hour
Lifetime Co-Host - $35
Recovery Service - $8
Recovery Service includes:
Desired Prestige, Max Rank, Unlock All, Diamond Camos,
Legit, Moderate or Insane Stats & Colored Classes.

Zombies Stats & Fun Lobbies:
Max Rank
Full Zombies Stats

Co-Host - $6 Per Hour
Lifetime Co-Host - $15


Black Ops 3

Fun Lobby for 1 Hour - $4
Recovery Service - $8
Recovery Service includes:
Desired Prestige, Max Rank, Unlock All & Stats.


Modern Warfare

Challenge Lobby - $2
Challenge Lobby Includes:
Max Rank,Desired Prestige, Max Stats, Infections, Colored Classes & more.
Fun Lobbies -
Co-Host - $2 Per Hour


Modern Warfare 2

Co-Host - $5 Per Hour
Co-Host Lifetime - $10
Challenge Lobby - $4
Challenge Lobby Includes:
Max Rank, Desired Prestige, Unlock All, Colored Classes, Infections & more.
MW2 Azza Lobbies:
Co-Host - $4 Per Hour


Modern Warfare 3

Recovery Service - $4
Recovery Service Includes:
Max Rank, Desired Prestige, Unlock All, Max Stats, Colored Classes & Godmode Classes.
Fun Lobbies - Co-Host $3 Per Hour



Recovery Service - $4
Recovery Service Includes:
Max Rank on all characters, Unlock All, Max Points, Desired Prestige,
Colored Classes & more.
Fun Lobbies -
Co-Host $3 Per Hour


Advanced Warfare

Fun Lobbies -
Co-Host $4 Per Hour
Recovery Service - $6
Recovery Service Includes:
Max Rank, Unlock All, Max Stats, Desired Prestige & Colored Classes




All Services that are done will be done professionally through the best stealth service, NiNJA so there will be a really minimal chance of receiving any & all Server, Profile & Console Bans! I nor AspectModding.net will be responsible for anything that you do after the service has been finished! Once a service is paid for I will NOT refund the payment! By purchasing from my service, you understand that there will be NO REFUNDS OR CHARGE BACKS whatsoever & you will be patient while I'm completing the service that you purchase!  

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